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Chronograph Series

Those who are passionate about timepieces will surely have a few chronograph watches in their collection. These incredibly special accessories offer a range of functions that are built into the movement and are often seen as masterpieces of luxury watchmaking. Each Swiss luxury watch within our collection has been created for those who love striking design, without compromising on precision and versatility.

The main difference between chronograph and analog watches is their core functionality. Chronographs were originally created for time events, such as sporting races. In fact, many chronograph watches for men and women include a stopwatch feature. Modern styles may also include three additional dials to display the date or duration of time, although this is a relatively new addition to the classic design. Today, these styles are commonly used in a wide spectrum of sporting activities, from horse racing and aviation to automobiles, naval navigation, and even deep-sea diving.    

Grunhorn chronograph watches come in a variety of styles to suit your aesthetic. Stainless steel cases offer strength and durability, while supple leather straps with contrasting stitching make for striking accessories that are incredibly comfortable to wear. If you’re looking to make a strong style statement, opt for our jet black dials with luminous hands that take inspiration from classic Italian design. Alternatively, if you prefer more of a subtle look, try our brushed metal watch faces with large typographic numbers that are easy to read when you’re on the go. Whatever your preferred style, our chronograph watches are a sleek reminder of personal ambition and success. It’s a watch that showcases attention to detail across every aspect, expressing quiet confidence.