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Men's Mechanical

When it comes to investing in timepieces, there are so many options available. Our own selection at Grunhorn is no exception. Mechanical watches are a popular choice, thanks to their intricate engineering and reliability over the years. If you take good care of automatic watches, they will work at peak performance for significantly longer than a quartz watch. In fact, they also make for the perfect heirloom pieces.

The complex designs that lie behind mechanical watches incorporate the best of watchmaking expertise and knowledge that we’ve acquired over the past century. There are many delicate moving parts hidden away inside the movement, requiring hours of expert craftsmanship to produce. Our signature open-heart design is a way of honoring the age-old traditions and artisanal know-how that have been passed down the generations. We offer a range of different style options to suit your personal aesthetic, from polished stainless steel to low-key casual leather straps.

Each of our mechanical watches for men and women carry the “Swiss Made” symbol. This means that our products have been designed and created at the heart of Switzerland, respecting their incredibly high standards for precision and durability. It’s a mark that is now renowned throughout the world as a symbol of quality. Every item within our collection is hand-crafted by our expert team of artisan watchmakers, using the same production techniques that have built the Swiss brand over the past century. Careful assembly, quality control and packaging is all done by hand to ensure that we’re giving you the best quality products at a competitive price. What’s more, we offer free international shipping and returns on all orders, so you can enjoy the Grunhorn experience wherever you are.