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Women's Metal Strap

Timepiece lovers are sure to have a few metal watches in their personal collections. For starters, they are incredibly durable, resisting scratches and discoloration thanks to their high-performance materials and construction. What’s more, their luminous stainless steel watch straps mean that they effortlessly reflect the light, bringing a polished twist to your look that’s sure to get you noticed. Whether you choose a chronograph or automatic model, you’re sure to find the versatility that you’re looking for in this particular style. It’s a simple way to add a touch of elegance and strength to your closet.

Stainless steel watches have traditionally been associated with a more masculine style, but that’s not always the case. The First Lady is our debut women’s watch, featuring a linked bracelet strap in stainless steel. Dazzling and eye-catching, its sleek design balances elements of fine jewelry with the world of timepieces. The multiple link construction also means that you can easily alter the size and fit across the wrist, protecting your watch from scratches and damage as you go about your day. Our clients love the delicate jewels that are inset across the dial, as well as the open-heart movement that allows you to take a sneak peek at the Swiss engineering that powers the watch.

Our entire range of metal watches carries the “Swiss Made” symbol. All of the items within our collection are designed and created in the heart of Switzerland. Our team of artisan watchmakers is an expert in their field, using ancient production techniques that have been passed down through the generations. In fact, the Swiss Made stamp is now synonymous with supreme quality and superior watch engineering throughout the world. Every metal watch is carefully assembled at our headquarters, checked for quality, and packaged by hand, guaranteeing that you’re always getting a premium product at the best price.