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About Us


We believe in the lean philosophy of crafting high-quality items that minimize waste, but maximize value for our customers. Grünhorn started when we realized our passion for timepieces coincided with our love for the natural environment. 

 Our brand name, Grünhorn, takes its name from Mount Grünhorn in the Bernese Alps range of the Swiss Alps. Every watch that we produce has been handcrafted by an expert using the finest quality materials with minimal impact on our natural resources. With each watch implementing an engraving of the majestic mountain, noting the year 1865 – the same year the first successful ascent has been made by a person looking for a new perspective in life.

 By putting this stamp on our watches, we want customers to find inspiration in our accessories.

We consider time the most precious resource anyone can have in their life and each moment should be cherished.

Yet despite being readily available, time is not renewable. We feel that wearing a watch is like having a constant reminder that we should make the most of our time and enjoy the moments we spend with our loved ones.

Timepieces are more than just devices to tell time. They can connect one generation to the next, becoming a family heirloom that has stood the test of time.

Watches can be a symbol of legacy, endurance, and strength – important traits that can emphasize one’s heritage. Each piece has a story to tell about the person who last used it, which can be cherished by the next.

With each product we make, we are dedicated to ensuring their durability, sustainability, and beauty to continually impress customers who value quality.