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Design Process

 Here at Grunhorn, design is at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about creating versatile timepieces that exude a quiet confidence as you go about your day.

We believe that the right timepiece can hold the happiest thoughts or memories. Perhaps it’s a recollection of a time spent with family, or the knowledge that an item has been cared for and passed down through the generations. With each sleek contour and clean line, we love to create standout pieces that tell a new part of the story every time you wear them.

Led by our Chief Designer Jakob Wagner, the work of our atelier team is gaining popularity and recognition across the globe. Every artisan contributes years of technical excellence, experience and passion to our brand. Our watchmakers have been extensively trained and are true professionals in their field. This means that each day, they handcraft outstanding timepieces that strike the perfect balance of tradition and modernity.

Our entire design process takes place in the picturesque town of Solothurn, situated in the heart of Switzerland. Tapping into the spirit of the region, we’re committed to producing all of our watches in line with the official Swiss Made regulations. This internationally renowned label is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, technical know-how, innovation, competence and sleek aesthetics. From the very first design sketches to packaging up the final product ready to be shipped, every step of the process is carefully considered and monitored to ensure that you’re getting the best possible products every time. By following this strict process, we’re proud to say that every Grunhorn item can proudly display this label of honor.